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Facility Maintenance Services

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Grounds Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Operational Professional Services, LLC (OPS) offers a full complement of comprehensive facility maintenance service programs. Each program is tailored to meet the individual needs of our client which allows you to focus on the task at hand while OPS takes care of your facilities. Our employees are trained and equipped to meet the highest of facility maintenance standards and our on-site supervision ensures the quality of their work.

Maintenance Staffing Options

OPS can provide a full maintenance staff to service your district.

OPS can provide a full maintenance staff to service your district, freeing your administrators from its daily demands and allowing them to focus on educating children. This option allows districts to receive custodial, grounds, or maintenance for their districts from the experienced professional at OPS. Additionally, OPS clients have the option to choose from any combination of the services provided by OPS. An added benefit of this option is full time on-site OPS supervision for day and night staff. If you have a need it is just one call away from being taken care of.

Allow OPS to manage your current district maintenance staff and augment the district with OPS employees.

This option alleviates the management responsibilities, allows the district to retain employees who are close to retirement and then through normal attrition replace those employees with OPS staff. These accounts are supervised by our Regional Account Managers who not only provide supervision, but through weekly visits provide quality control of maintenance services. Superintendents and principals have direct access to their assigned Regional Account Manager both day and night.

The OPS professionals also offer maintenance assessments and current district staff training.

The purpose of this option is to fully ensure that the district’s staff is adequately equipped with a full understanding of facility maintenance techniques and procedures. OPS will bring a team of OPS Regional Account Managers, Supervisors, and company Owners to assess and train district staff, and provide the district with a full assessment and recommendations for improvement. This is a very good option for the district who is looking to better equip their employees to service their facilities.

Facility Maintenance Services include:

Custodial Service Management

  • Standard janitorial care
  • Day and night cleaning
  • Athletic and Special event coverage
  • Summer facility deep cleaning (Includes the cleaning of lights, walls, windows, furniture, and floor care of entire facility.)
  • Hard surface floor care including waxing wax removal
  • Carpet floor care including carpet extraction
  • Office and classroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Restroom and locker room cleaning and disinfecting
  • Athletic facility cleaning
  • Window cleaning

Building Maintenance Management

Provided by skilled tradesmen including electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, carpenters, and painters.

Preventative and corrective maintenance programs include:

  • Ballast replacement
  • General painting
  • General carpentry repairs
  • Carpet/Tile repairs & replacement
  • Ceiling repairs
  • General electrical, plumbing & mechanical maintenance
  • General maintenance, light repair, lock and doors repairs, painting
  • HVAC maintenance, equipment operation, preventive maintenance, repairs
  • Project/Contract management
  • Work order system for preventive and corrective maintenance

Ground Services Management

  • Mowing and edging
  • Fertilizing and weeding
  • Trimming
  • Athletic field care to include striping
  • Irrigation
  • Parking lot painting
  • Snow removal

Facility Employee Maintenance Training and Management Program

This program allows OPS to train your employees in the area of custodial, maintenance, and grounds operations. We will provide a complete assessment of current efficiency and then tailor a training and management program that ensures the highest levels of facility maintenance. A training program tailored to meet a client’s custodial needs may include:

  • Proper cleaning techniques of all facility spaces
  • Proper application of cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Floor care including carpet extraction, hard surface wax removal and wax application methods
  • Proper, safe usage, application and maintenance of powered equipment
  • Proper procedures for cleaning body fluids
  • Restroom and facility disinfecting
  • Understanding of cleaning chemical material safety data sheet
  • Facility maintenance safety